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Nick’s Mindful Musings Apr 8, 2021 A bit about me Apr 7, 2021 Marketing and Advertising for 30+ years Currently Board Director at two marketing agencies. Mdsg.eu and thedigitalfilter Street How Street Wisdom Changed My Life Apr 7, 2021 TED Talk. How Street Wisdom Changed My Life | Nick Hammond | TEDxRoyalTunbridgeWells We are all watching the ‘R’ Number, but let’s not forget about the ‘M’ Number. Apr 6, 2021 Our battle with coronavirus is clearly still ongoing, despite the Mindfulness in the time of the Virus Apr 6, 2021 I’d like to share some thoughts around my experience of mindfulness and the evolution of this across the last Going on a Retreat May 21, 2020 My relatively short experience (just under two years) of mindfulness and meditation started in June 2018, predicated by the Where's Your 'C' Spot? Apr 22, 2020 Where’s Your C-Spot? See this article published on the Just Breathe Project website. – What is your relationship with curiosity? Do you dare to The Mindful Tourist Apr 21, 2020 This piece published on the Just Breathe Project – The Mindful Tourist. For those who love to travel, a big question for the Selected Mindful Moments. 22nd April 2021 Jan 1, 2019 Today is Earth Day! ’EARTHDAY.ORG is honoured that the Biden Administration has decided to convene a global climate summit on Earth Day 2021. Many